Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I register more than one person at the same time?

        A:  Each person will need to go through the registration process to set up their profile.

Q: Can I pay for more than one registration at the same time?

        A: Yes.  To pay for multiple registrations you will need to select either pay by check or pay by ACH Transfer during the registration process.  Send a check within 10 business days of the registration or contact to pay by credit card.  Please include the name (or a copy of the registration invoice) for each person associated with the registration.

Q: Can I receive a registration discount?

        A: All ASBMB members receive a registration discount.  This amount is typically $50 and is automatically applied when the member logs into the registration page.  For further information, you should visit the Meeting Registration page of the meeting you plan to attend. 


Q: Can I submit more than one abstract for a meeting?

        A: Yes. 

Q: How long can my abstract be?

        A: The body of the abstract can be a maximum of 350 words. The title can be a maximum of 200 characters. 

Q: Can I upload my abstract as a .doc or .pdf?

        A: No.  You will need to copy and paste text from a word document (or similar) into the space provided.    


Q; How do I request an invitation letter to support my visa application?

        A: First, to be eligible to receive an invitation letter you must be registered to attend the meeting.  Then you should send an email to request a letter with the  subject "Invitation Letter for <name of meeting>" to  Please include the name of the person and abstract number, if applicable.

Q: Does ASBMB provide participation certificates to meeting attendees?

        A: In an effort to reduce the amount of paper we use, we no longer provide participation certificates in print.  Upon request, ASBMB will provide an electronic certificate.  To make this request please send an email with the subject "Participation Certificate for <name of meeting> to  Please include the full name as you would like it to be displayed on the certificate.

Q: Are travel awards available?

        A: Each meeting is unique.  You should visit the specific meeting you plan to attend to determine if travel awards are available.  Please review the information closely as the requirements will vary for each award.